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Money Management

Financial security goes hand-in-hand with peace of mind.

For many people, however, such security is elusive. Minor physical limitations, normal to the aging process, can be a threat to one's financial status. We recognize that monthly bill paying and budgeting can sometimes be overwhelming. With visual and/or dexterity impairments or short-term memory lapses, household bills pile up and credit card debt soon mounts. The Money Management program helps people maintain their independence at home. Trained and insured volunteers work one-on-one with the consumer for a few hours each month to: 

  • establish a list of monthly income and expenses
  • set up a budget as needed, avoiding debt collector calls and shut-off notices
  • sort (financial) mail and organize bills for payment
  • balance checkbook and reconcile to bank statement
  • write checks from a designated account for consumer to sign
  • perform other related tasks as agreed by consumer, volunteer, and program coordinator.

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