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Ten Steps to Healthier Aging

Minuteman Senior Services has become a local partner in You Can! Steps to Healthier Aging, a national outreach campaign designed to increase the number of older adults who are active and healthy by encouraging them to eat better and move more.

Medical evidence shows that better diet and regular moderate physical activity may help prevent, delay, and treat serious health conditions, including chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and some types of cancer. People who make better nutrition choices and are physically active on a regular basis are more able to do the activities of daily life and continue to live on their own longer. And adopting better eating habits and a program of regular moderate activity is easier than many older Americans think.

Listed below are ten steps to healthier aging that you can start today. And watch this space for more "eat better, move more" tips each month!

  1. Start today
  2. Choose physical activities you enjoy
  3. Eat sensible portion sizes
  4. Set realistic goals to eat better and move more
  5. Take a walk - walking is a safe way to become more active
  6. Make wise food choices
  7. Record your progress
  8. Find an indoor place to be active in bad weather
  9. Plan ahead what you will eat and drink today to reach your nutrition goal
  10. Ask a buddy or family member to join you