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Healthy Living Workshops FAQs

How do I know these workshops are providing correct and useful information?
All workshops are “evidence-based” meaning they were developed scientifically and have been
tested to confirm they actually work. The leaders have gone through rigorous training and are
monitored to ensure they adhere to program guidelines. The My Life, My Health and Diabetes
Self-Management workshops were developed by Stanford University and the Healthy Eating
workshop was developed in the Boston area by a coalition of organizations including Hebrew
Senior Life and Lahey Clinic. A Matter of Balance was developed by MaineHealth’s Partnership
for Healthy Aging and Boston University.

Do I have to attend all sessions?
The workshops have been designed so that the classes connect and build on each other, so
they work best when you attend all sessions. We understand that occasionally you may need to
miss a session due to a doctor’s appointment or other emergency. If you know in advance that
you will miss two or more sessions, it’s best to wait and sign up for a workshop that you can
attend without interruption.

Why are the classes so long?
The classes are 2 – 2 1/2 hours each week because they are interactive. Many topics discussed
include brainstorming activities where the participants contribute their ideas. And at each class,
participants are asked to choose an “action plan”, something they want to work on during the
coming week. Time is allocated for everyone to discuss their action plans, and if they would like,
to receive suggestions and assistance from other participants. We do take a short break during
each session. We think you will find that the time moves quickly.

Are these workshops really free?
Yes! The workshops are free because they are funded in part by grants. All we ask is that you
provide input on the program’s effectiveness by filling out surveys at the beginning and end of
each workshop. The data that we collect remains confidential, and will help us secure future
grant funding.

Can my spouse or caregiver attend the class with me?
Yes. The classes are open to people who live with or provide support to the person with the
chronic condition. Spouses or caregivers should register for the class and plan to participate.

How do I sign up for a class?
Call Minuteman Senior Services at 781-221-7095.