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Cell Phone Recycling

Cell Phone Collection Sites

Al Schmetzler with a bounty of phones!We collect used cell phones, PDA's, Blackberries, and smart phones which are then recycled through a refining facility. We receive a cash donation for each phone (the amount varies by the condition and age of the phone), and this funding is used to help support our Elder Protective Services program. Elder Protective Services staff investigate reports of elder abuse, neglect, self-neglect and financial exploitation and work toward resolution.

More used cell phone donations are urgently needed to help those in need of these services. We are seeking locations in your community where we can place attractive, compact collection containers. A Minuteman employee or volunteer will collect the donated phones on a regular basis. We respectfully request your cooperation to find a place for the container in your building. In addition, we will add your organization to our listing of cell phone partners in a promotional flyer and on our web site, and offer a link to your website if you desire.

This program is an opportunity to be simultaneously charitable and 'green'! Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to your partnership.

Please bring your old cell phones & batteries to our office at 26 Crosby Drive, Bedford, MA or drop them off at one of our community partners.